Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Natural disasters

I am now entering the second phase of my hibernation.

Things have been happening. Once in a while, I poke my head out to take a look at the world. Oh.....holy shit....Asia is under attack. We are assailed by natural disasters left, right and centre. Yup, the aliens have been busy.

Cyclone in Myanmar.
A lot of people affected.
Terribly bad news.

Earthquake in China.
Also a lot of people affected.
Definitely bad news.

Typhoon in the Philippines
A lot of water buffaloes affected.
Come on, you have to call it bad news.

Tsunami in Malaysia.
Five states affected.
I'm calling it bad.....bad.....bad.....sorry....I can't seem to be able to call it bad news!

Okay, after this little posting, I am going back into hibernation mode again. If anyone askes for me, just say that I'll be in London's Hyde Park inspecting some horses and maybe doing a spot of riding. So stop bugging me already to come back. I do have responsibilities. So many horses and so little time. And another thing; I don't visit my own blog when I'm in hibernation.



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